XiXu Puzzle 
Hey all smart brains! 
XiXu puzzle came into my mind 
when I was waiting really very long time 
for a lated train 
 (Ah the Czech Rails...)
The Novice Rules:
The rules are very simple. 
You should start with turn over green square. 
After you turn over a green square, 
you have to turn over two squares 
with the blue border preciselly. 
The Practice Rules:
The "Practice" rules shift the puzzle 
into its true meaning. 
Like in "Novice" rules, 
you start with turn over green square. 
But by click on the green square, 
unlike to "Novice" rules, automatically rotates 
two other squares that are linked 
to this particular square. 
The Challenge Rules:
The "Challenge" rules are the same 
as rules in "Practice", 
but diffenence is, that hints 
on the squares are disabled 
and functin move back is also removed. 
In this conditions the Puzzle uncovers 
its True and Cruel Face! :D 
So, Are you Smart ehought to Beat It!? :) 
Your task is to be as fast as possible 
so that just one red square remains.
Don't let your head blow up! 
Puzzle size  X 
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Timer  seconds
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(available since „Practice“ difficulty)
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